Cody Lestelle is the founder of the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in preferred futures with the department of Political Science at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, island of Oʻahu, Hawaiian Kingdom. Cody's dissertation work is an ontological and political investigation into university as organized crime and games as medicine/poison for the modern condition. The name of university's crime is mass epistemicide (destruction of ways of knowing) and the evidence is in the name itself; university does violence to the very structure of reality because it continuously eliminates many worlds of the multiverse that we are in the process of realizing its presupposed universe. Despite the grim signs and tidings on the subject, thanks to the constant budding of new life and playful energies and pathways amid ruin and suffering, Cody remains optimystical regarding ‘the futures and fates of the multiverse’.