University to Multiversity:

Playing for Preferred Futures

12 Week Sessions Running February - April 2019

Instructor: Cody Lestelle

Course description: How can we cultivate our learning initiatives to fully and fiercely meet the challenges of our time? Given the hegemony of institutionalized education and its often debilitating and divisive effects on people and our communities, how can we (re)generate our own capacities to care for and protect ourselves and each other? Participants in this twelve week seminar/simulation will learn:

  • alternate, augmented reality, digital & non-digital games for effective transmedia storytelling

  • critical & generous new media creation & play strategies for ‘making kin with the machines

  • of the origins of the modern university and its roots in the European empires, invasions, and witch hunts

  • various tools for expanding the ecoversity, multiversity, and pluriversity infrastructure & movements

  • ways of weaving our own lives & efforts into more resilient and collectively conscious entities

NOTE From instructor January 6, 2019 11:59PM HST:
The syllabus for this course is a living document that is currently being drafted and I am accepting and encouraging input from any interested parties. Any suggestions made prior to the first day of class will likely carry more weight but we will also be actively evolving our syllabus as a living document throughout the course. You can view a live copy here. This initial document will evolve very rapidly with this moon cycle into precisely what we need to begin our first week of class at the beginning of the coming lunar new year.

Online & Timing Logistics & Clusters:
Participants may engage with this class 100% on their own time (asynchronous) or to commit to one of our synchronous clusters that meet up at specific times in different online virtual environments. Each cluster focuses on developing the unifying theme of university to multiversity in a specific virtual world environment in order to draw on the strengths of each platform for learning, innovating, and teaching content and technologies.

Here are the current clusters/focus areas, you may also choose to add your own with any environment and focus:

Cluster A- Nuclear Age Medicines in Fallout

Cluster B- SIMS with Open Sim & Second Life

Cluster C- Extractivism & Worlding in Minecraft

Cluster D- Galactic Civilizations in Destiny 2

Cluster E- Earthly Resilience with Final Fantasy

Cluster F- Building & Fighting Violences in Fortnite

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