Dungeons & Dragons

The Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences offers a unique assemblage of Dungeons & Dragons experiences suited to many purposes.

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Dungeons & Dragons Multiversity Overview:

Systems: Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Pathfinder, Ehdrigohr (Fate), Minecraft, Magic the Gathering

Platforms: Roll20, Discord, Twitch, Paper Minecraft server with all the necessary plugins for optimal DnD'nuff experience from Vanilla Minecraft client

Calendars, Geographies, & Schedules: revolving join seasons and varied schedules according to party


Multiverse campaign
Plot: There is an intergalactic war over the scarcely known primordial artifact sometimes called the Shattered Orb of Wonder. There are 7 shards total, one each possessed by a different party. The shards allow the party, who are each connected as a whole group as one in certain ways, to travel to a new world at random and instantly. However these uses have consequences and what happens in each world affects all the others. We will be running up to 7 parties.

We have a unique style of playing both Minecraft & DnD synergistically. Our AGILE Minecraft server is a decentralized Multiversity campus & we are now starting to run several DnD parties in a multiverse campaign. Some DnD parties will be only playing DnD and some will be playing DnD face to face &/or Roll20 and MC DnD on the AGILE Multiversity server but for everyone what happens in one world and medium affects the others. Worlds can also be created & destroyed which is what makes it Immortal Kombat. It is a war of 2 Many Headed Hydras. #TestYourMight

We are running several campaigns at once and recording the basics of each session on a large map. At times parties from different sessions will encounter each other. Additionally, we utilize the AGILE Multiversity Minecraft server to maintain a persistent multiverse place where players can engage one of their parallel selves and thus the broader multiverse campaign according to their own schedule. We also utilize Minecraft and Mineways to create and 3D print terrain for our miniatures battles. If you are interested in joining any of these campaigns or potentially DMing your own in the same timeline with potential for merged sessions, please get in touch!