AGILE specializes in utilizing games and play as transmutational medicine and futurescraft technology for the evolution of university to multiversity. We offer this specialty to others in the following ways. Contact us.

Education and Experiences

  • 12 week courses where hit games act as our primary textbooks and classroom spaces on serious topics

  • 48 week certificates backed up by (y)our recipe of open badges earned via 12 week terms

  • After school & summer programs

  • One time facilitated game sessions and workshops

Gameful, Resilient, and Sustainable Futures Consulting

  • Organizations & systems in transition (companies, governments, schools & universities)

  • Individuals

  • Families

eSports Coaching and Consulting

Special Events

Technical Support

Assistance in configuring and/or maintaining gaming, instructional, and organizational infrastructure including but not limited to alternate and preferred reality games and simulations, analogue activities, augmented reality, video games, virtual learning environments, and virtual reality devices and software.

Virtual environment creation, design, and labor SERVICES

Our teams are capable of managing a diverse range of game and non-game virtual environments. We are a full spectrum provider in that we offer support from inception to live environments. Whether you are looking for actors, builders, couriers, defenders, farmers, janitors, journalists, healers, lawyers, linguists, shop keepers, wizards or just about any other skilled work AGILE is ready to supply competent and creative hands.