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AGILE 2019 Online & Face-to-Face Hybrid Youth Summer Camp &
Adult Education Game Design/SF Writing Course Registration

We utilize AI superpowers.

We utilize AI superpowers.

My son loves AGILE! So does Mom! Cody’s approach to education and community is desperately needed in the digital era. Using digital gaming, and innovative and engaging place-based learning, my son is learning about his identity, his place in his community and the world, as he imagines his and our future on a digital platform. This platform has the potential to bridge virtual landscapes with real world solutions to our most pressing challenges of today.

-Luanna Peterson, AGILE mom

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Youth Summer Camp Hours: 9am-12pm Monday-Friday

Worlding 808 Adult Course Hours: 5:15-7pm Mondays & Fridays

Before I joined Minecraft group with Mr. Cody I had played it 8 times with my cousin. I join the group so I can learn how to compete with my cousins and I wanted to learn Pixel Monde. Since coming I have made new friends and feel accepted. I also like that I can teach things to my little brother. I continue to participate because I am always learning new things, enjoy hanging out with the people and it fun. Plus it pretty cool to know things my big cousin does not. I would recommend this because everyone is helpful, I like the teamwork, it always fun and you always learn something new and exciting.

-AJ, age 8

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Program price = $500 per pupil, due one week prior to camp start date. See below for scholarship information.

I love the fact that I get to play Minecraft with other people instead of soloing. Minecraft is a game that was meant to be played with other people, so that's a big part of the reason why I always make a goal of coming to the camp/program.  It’s not all Minecraft. We have a 3d-printer, laser cutter, and other equipment & (sometimes) we design our own things to print to take home! Also, a big part of it is what we do in Minecraft, which is not your un-ordinary program script. For example, last summer we focused on making all the Hawaiian islands with a focus on sustainability, which might not sound fun to build but, trust me designing special buildings, roads, and all of that is really fun because you get a chance to look at the real world and put it into the Minecraft server. Anyways, I totally recommend you come and join the agileXPS community!!! See ya soon! 

-Pono, age 14

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Cohort X is for Worlding 808 & facilitators/game masters, cohorts 1-5 are for the youth camps.
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Important Notes about registration:

  • For those without a complete financial need-based scholarship or tuition voucher, a $50 deposit is required to secure your seat in the program

  • For those applying for a scholarship, you must also send a one page letter detailing the student’s quest in life

  • Scholarships are only available to those who cannot otherwise afford to pay the $500 price per pupil

  • Of each cohort of 15 students, a maximum of 5 financial need-based scholarships are currently available

  • For those applying for a camp facilitator/game master position, you must also send a cover letter and resume

  • An up-to-date schedule and seats-available index is available at https://tinyurl.com/agile2019sched

  • All documents should be emailed to agilexps@gmail.com with the subject line “AGILE 2019 Summer Camp Application”

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